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Music on this Blog

I can barely begin to express how powerful Christian music has been in my life. I’ve talked about this in some of my other blog posts but I wanted to post the songs and music videos here in a more concise manner.

But first, let me explain why worship music has perhaps saved my life. There have been several times over the past year when the turmoil and tribulations I’ve faced were on the verge of overtaking my life. I could feel the presence of the forces of hell pressuring me in ways and thoughts that could only lead to my death. As with so many entanglements in life, there was seemingly no way out. The deepest pressure was always at night, when all else is quiet except for the taunting movies of my fears, stresses, impending disasters, and past failures playing through mind. My sense of defeat was too deep to even allow for my normal spiritual warfare tactics of rebuking all of these troubles back to the pit of hell. Depression causes a complete lack of will to fight. In my crying out to God, He showed me the one thing that would bring me back from this torment: I began playing worship music all night long. Whenever I could not sleep, I would simply sing along giving worship and praise to God simply for who He is. Each night while praising and singing the joy of the Lord, I would feel unusual peace and restoration of my hope. And sweet rest would ensue under the presence of God! As I still face tough situations, I continue to play these songs all night, every night. I have been particularly touched by some by Hillsong United and many by Gateway Worship. Music will obviously continue to be a crucial part in my walk with God, so I wanted to share some that are already in some of my blog posts.

Just One Touch from the King by Godfrey Birtill

This is a really amazing worship song that gave me some of the inspiration to start this blog. The title of this song is obviously the source for the name of my blog – Thanks Godfrey, God has used you to touch my life and now, hopefully, that will spread! Be sure to visit Godfrey’s web site to hear more of his amazing music!
I don’t know whether or not this video is an “official” release by Godfrey and/or his publishers.

Healer by Kari Jobe

A recently discovered favorite - Jesus becomes for us whatever we confess Him to be - I am sometimes in need of His supernatural healing Power, so this song confesses Him as such. Wonderful lyrics to sing!

Breathe as Performed by Kathryn Scott

This has been my absolute favorite song for more than 6 years now. It is performed by Kathryn Scott, and I believe it is written and composed by Marie Barnett. This is a Youtube video that simply displays the lyrics of the song as it is playing.

I really wish there was an offical video to this song, but the music and lyrics are beautiful even by themselves.

O The Blood by Gateway Worship

O that beautiful blood of Jesus Christ. We could not survive without it. I plead the blood often during my spiritual warfare.

From the official post on YouTube by Vevo and is by Gateway Worship performing O The Blood. (C) 2010 Gateway Create Publishing

Hallelujah by Hillsong

Just praise God! Sing Hallelujah and worship!

This version of the Hillsong video might have been included on one of their CD's but I cannot find it in my own collection.

You’re Not Alone (Video and Song by Meredith Andrews)

From a posting on Youtube of the official Meredith Andrews music video.

With All I Am by Hillsong featuring Darlene Zschech

I love most of the music by Hillsong and have long believed that Darlene Zschech has one of the most beautiful voices in worship. This song almost always leads me into a period of prolonged worship.

This song is featured on "For All You've Done" DVD/CD 2004 release.

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