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Go Ahead, Ask!

This page is for you to ask me any question that you like.  It doesn’t matter if its about religion in general, Christianity, politics, or even if its personal about me.  You can also throw at me your criticisms and other similar comments (go ahead and talk smack if you want).    I will do my best to provide thoughtful, honest, and helpful answers.  I don’t pretend to know everything, or even most things, about Christianity, but I have operated in certain Holy Spirit anointings for a while, such as healing, deliverance, prophecy, tongues, and the interpretation of tongues.  I have also frequently received considerable insights into Biblical issues and subjects, some directly from the Gift of Knowledge, but mostly from great teachers. So perhaps I can answer a question or two related to what I have learned.  If I can’t answer a question, I will perhaps join you in researching the answers.

If your question is open and of a non-personal nature (to either you or me), I may post the answer as part of a blog post.  But be assured that any personal information or questions will always be protected from the public.

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