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How to be Baptized in the Holy Spirit (And Walk in the Supernatural)

Every Christian can walk in the miraculous! Every believer can regularly experience the invasion of supernatural Heaven in all areas of their lives. If you’re not regularly encountering God through signs, wonders, miracles, and intense fellowship, you’re living below your calling.

If you’ve already been saved and can surely call yourself by the name of Christ (Christian), you know what a wonderful, transformational event it is! It’s the very definition of becoming a Christian. If you haven’t yet been saved—receiving Jesus Christ as your personal savior, please go back to the page on this blog called “How to Enter the Kingdom of God.”

But as magnificent and life-changing as this is, being saved is just the beginning. There awaits a deeper, more intense realm of God filled with His miracle working power, strength, wisdom, knowledge, and anointing. There is a realm of God where His Spirit is “poured out” upon you (Joel 2:28 and 29) opening up for you the full range of God’s powerful spiritual gifts. This realm of the supernatural is yours if you earnestly desire the rest of God. What do I mean by “the rest?” I mean receiving the fullness of the Holy Spirit inside of you where you become the temple of God on earth, filled with His overwhelming, enduring presence. It is receiving not just a “measure” of the Holy Spirit, but the Sprit without measure (John 3:34). Not a sprinkle, but a downpour! Not a trickle, but rivers of living water (John 7:38). It is a baptism, an immersion, an enveloping witness in the Holy Spirit.

Now you might be saying, “I thought I received the Holy Spirit when I became a Christian.” This is a typical reaction and many raise it as an objection. Almost all who are saved through the transforming work of Jesus Christ know that there is a ministry of the Holy Spirit at work in their lives—they can sense His abiding presence. The difficulty for most though is twofold: one is in realizing that there is something more—an infilling of the Holy Spirit that brings the full power of God and supernatural gifts into operation in the life of the believer; another is in realizing that this infilling is a separate experience from being saved. So when they hear of others having this second, separate experience they often wonder what’s really going on and whether or not it’s really scriptural.

This confusion or curiosity is compounded by the fact that a majority of churches and ministries still don’t teach or practice the baptism in the Holy Spirit, and some go as far as to vilify it in full fury from the pulpit. Many churches that claim this baptism is included in their foundational beliefs, pay it little attention or ignore it altogether. It’s no wonder so many hearts cry out from the depths of unfulfilled spiritual hunger. It’s no wonder so many Christians live in despair, poverty, lack, and other devastating conditions, even though attending church regularly. They are missing this freely given gift of God—the wonderful, transformational, defining moment offered through the baptism in the Holy Spirit.

What is this Baptism?

Since the earliest days of the Christian church, beginning just a few days after Jesus Christ ascended into Heaven, Christians have taught and received the deeply spiritual and power-filled experience of being baptized in the Holy Spirit. The earliest New Testament disciples received it on the day of Pentecost fulfilling a command by Jesus to gather in Jerusalem and expect this wonderful “promise of the Father,” (Acts 1:4). This baptism became the normal Christian experience of all believers in the early church as we know from the accounts in the book of Acts.

With this experience comes the overflowing fullness of the Holy Spirit, the enduement of power from on high to carry out the Great Commission and serve God, and the chance to develop communion, fellowship, and oneness with the Spirit in a manner of deep intensity. This baptism is the gateway to the miracle realm of God, an experience that allows for a continual, supernatural walk. Many have experienced a measure of the Holy Spirit in their lives, but the baptism in the Holy Spirit is the Spirit without measure.

Since the turn of the twentieth century, where this baptism was widely restored to the body of Christ, hundreds of millions of believers have been baptized in the Holy Spirit, and their testimony mirrors that of the early church where the miracle working power of God accompanied the teaching of the Word.

What is the Scriptural Proof?

There are dozens of Scripture verses that talk specifically about the Baptism in the Holy Spirit. I will highlight some of the most obvious on this blog page, but also encourage you to contact my ministry if you want more in-depth teaching.

First, let’s look at a primary reference to this baptism in the New Testament.

Just prior to the beginning of Jesus’ ministry, John the Baptist was anointed by God to declare His coming. Part of his prophetic task in heralding the coming of the Lord and Savior, was a proclamation that the baptism in the Holy Spirit would be a major function of Jesus’ ministry.

Mark 1:8
8 I indeed baptized you with water, but He will baptize you with the Holy Spirit.

Luke 3:16
16 John answered, saying to all, “I indeed baptize you with water; but One mightier than I is coming, whose sandal strap I am not worthy to loose. He will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and fire.”

As John baptized people with water for the repentance of their sins, he likened it to the way that Jesus would also baptize in the Holy Spirit—an immersion.

John 1:33
33 . . . Upon whom you see the Spirit descending, and remaining on Him, this is He who baptizes with the Holy Spirit.’

John’s language is very clear, and as you will see by looking throughout the New Testament, this language refers very specifically to the event that happened on what is known as “the Day of Pentecost” when believers in Jesus Christ were first baptized in the Holy Spirit. And as you will see shortly, this baptism is also expected to be received by every single Christian from that time forward. This baptism that John described as being ministered by Jesus was to be epic compared to John’s repentance water baptism. It indeed was a major shift in the fabric of the spiritual universe.

Jesus Commanded His Disciples to be Baptized in the Holy Spirit

After His death and resurrection and before His ascension into heaven, Jesus continued the preparation of His disciples for the start of the church age. Warning them that He was not going to be on earth much longer, He instructed them in how much better it was going to be for them once He was gone because of the coming of the Holy Spirit in their lives.

One of the last instructions that He gave to them was to go to Jerusalem and remain there until they were baptized in the Holy Spirit.

Acts 1:4-5; 8
4 And being assembled together with them, He commanded them not to depart from Jerusalem, but to wait for the Promise of the Father, “which,” He said, “you have heard from Me;
5 for John truly baptized with water, but you shall be baptized with the Holy Spirit not many days from now.”
8 “But you shall receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you; and you shall be witnesses to Me in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth.”

This same command to receive the “Promise of the Father” is also recorded in the book of Luke, confirming that you will be “endued with power from on high” when you receive.

Luke 24:49
49 Behold, I send the Promise of My Father upon you; but tarry in the city of Jerusalem until you are endued with power from on high.”

In this verse, some Bible translations substitute the word “clothed” in place of “endued,” but you begin to get a sense here of baptism as an immersion as we discussed in the previous chapter.

Receiving this baptism is a commandment that all Christians are to follow, not just the early church. It would seem very strange for this to be a one-time event reserved just for these disciples. So if it was good for them at the start of the church, should it not also be good for all Christians since? And in fact, this was not a one-time event. Instead all believers were to receive this baptism. Verse 8 of Acts 1 as listed above gives us a glimpse as to why Jesus commands us to be baptized in the Holy Spirit: to receive the power of God in order to be His witnesses. This also means that without this power it is not possible to be such a witness.

The power that both Acts 1:8 and Luke 24:49 refer to is the very Power of God. It is the supernatural expression of God that works through a Christian and flows like rivers of living waters from his or her belly. It is Power such as the ability to be healed or to heal others; to cast out devils; to see into the spiritual world and discern what the spirits are doing; to prophesy and interpret when someone speaks in a God-given language; to have unusual and prevailing faith; to receive special wisdom and knowledge from God; to take dominion over the natural world around you—including storms, animals, insects, trees, and flowers; to speak the Word of God over a situation and have what you speak come to pass. And it is the Power to understand the Bible and be taught directly by the Holy Spirit. There are many more powers, but hopefully you begin to get the picture.

The Power of God is how you receive all of the supernatural manifestations of God in your life—His miracles, His blessiings, His righteousness, His gifts, and His abundance. This is walking in the supernatural—the way the church is supposed to walk. In order to have the Power of God in your life, you need to be baptized in the Holy Spirit. It’s really just that simple.

The original recorded instance in the Bible of baptism in the Holy Spirit was when Jesus Christ was being baptized in the River Jordan and the Holy Spirit descended upon Him like a dove. From that time onward, Jesus did all of His miracles on earth through the Power of the Holy Spirit. It wasn’t until He had been baptized in the Holy Spirit that he started His earthly ministry. In fact, He performed no miracles until after He had been so baptized.

The next time in the Bible we see the baptism in the Holy Spirit is after Jesus had gone up to heaven and all of His disciples were gathered in what is called “the upper room.” This was the day of Pentecost, a holy celebration in Israel. During this event, the Holy Spirit was poured out on all of the 120 disciples gathered there, and they all began to speak in other tongues (see Acts 2:1-21).

So how do we know that receiving the Holy Spirit was not just a one-time special event that occurred on that one Pentecost? Because the book of Acts in the Bible records other times that this occurred. For example, in Acts 19:1-6, the Apostle Paul came across twelve disciples in a place called Ephesus. They all claimed that they knew Jesus Christ and were saved. But none of them had yet received the baptism in the Holy Spirit. Paul prays for them and they subsequently receive the baptism and begin to speak in tongues and prophesy.

You can also look at Acts 8:4-17; Acts 9:1-11; and Acts 10:34-36 for other instances of the Holy Spirit falling onto people who were already saved. There are many more Scripture verses about receiving the Holy Spirit, but you should get a pretty good understanding from these verses in Acts.

The Language of the Holy Spirit: Speaking in Tongues

In the New Testament era God has chosen to work with believers within the Church that Jesus established (as His body). Jesus in turn, has chosen to work with individual members of His body through the Holy Spirit that comes to live in them. It is at this point that numerous wonderful attributes of the Spirit become part of your spiritual make up (once you become baptized in the Holy Spirit). Perhaps the most powerful and glorious gift is an ability to communicate in a spirit language.

This language is commonly called “tongues” or “speaking in tongues.” Tongues is a beautiful, natural, verbal expression of the Holy Spirit. It’s the language of heaven and angels, and is one of the primary means by which God’s power is manifest on this earth. If you earnestly desire to have the deep fullness of God made manifest in your mortal flesh, you will want to have His kingdom language operating in your life.

Now you may already know that speaking in tongues is probably the most controversial issue surrounding the baptism in the Holy Spirit. If it weren’t for this unique expression and gift of the Spirit, this baptism would probably be much more readily accepted by the overall Christian community. This baptism and speaking in tongues, brings the power, fire, and full operation of God into your life. But sadly, many people actually fear the power of God because it requires them to face up to their own humanity—their perceived lack of righteousness before God. Many people actually don’t want to face God directly. The Bible tells us that the people of Israel walked around in a desert for 40 years partly because they didn’t want to face God. Instead they wanted Moses to face God for them and then tell them what God said. But you will see, and I hope soon discover, that God’s wonderful grace has already got you covered. Through Jesus Christ, He has made it both possible and desirable to face Him without fear of being condemned and destroyed. Facing God and communicating directly through tongues will open up this reality to you in ways you may not have previously thought possible.

There are people who are uninformed or ignorant about the baptism in the Holy Spirit, who claim the manifestation of tongues is not necessary today and that it ceased after the writing of the New Testament. Some also claim that any time you come across tongues being spoken you should suspect that it is actually a manifestation of the devil. I can only say this: satan hates tongues because of its power. Without the filling of the Holy Spirit and its associated manifestation of tongues, you are of little threat to satan. So he obviously hates the baptism in the Holy Spirit and therefore makes people fear receiving something that should be the most marvelous and holy experience a person can have. How twisted and devious is that? Well that’s just what the devil does.

The basis for our aspiration to speak in tongues can be found in the many Scripture verses where people received the baptism in the Holy Spirit and began to speak in “other tongues.” The book of Acts, written by Luke, contains many practical examples of people speaking in tongues.

Speaking in tongues is clearly one of the signs indicating someone has been baptized in the Holy Spirit. The next two verses from Acts tell us of a clear sign that follows this baptism. Verse 46 in particular is the key.

Acts 10:45-46
45 And those of the circumcision who believed were astonished, as many as came with Peter, because the gift of the Holy Spirit had been poured out on the Gentiles also.
46 For they heard them speak with tongues and magnify God.

In verse 45 Peter says that the “gift of the Holy Spirit had been poured out on the Gentiles.” So we know for certain that in this event, the people in the house of Cornelius had been baptized in the Holy Spirit. Then it goes on to say that everyone traveling with Peter was astonished that the Holy Spirit had been poured out onto the Gentiles because prior to this event, the entire plan of God was reserved to the Jews. In verse 46 we see the reason why they knew that the Gentiles had received the Holy Spirit: they spoke with tongues and magnified God.

We see many examples in the Bible where people speak in “other tongues.” Tongues are talked about by the Apostle Paul several different times as a gift that should be highly desired. You should desire to speak in tongues because it is a power-filled method of prayer in which the Holy Spirit prays on your behalf. When you speak in tongues, it is your own vocal cords and mouth speaking a language formed by the Holy Spirit. Doing so has great benefit to you because the Holy Spirit living inside of you can make prayers to God that you might not fully understand. Obviously the Holy Spirit knows exactly how to pray effective prayers for every situation. So how wonderful it is that you can have Him praying these prayers to benefit you.

Speaking in tongues is a powerful weapon in your warfare against evil forces and against your fleshly desires to sin. Speaking in tongues is also sometimes heard during a gathering of a group of Christians. This serves primarily as a means for God to impart knowledge or wisdom that is of benefit to the group. It is also sometimes used to communicate a specific prophecy. When tongues are spoken in a group setting, it should also be followed by someone who interprets the meaning or message of the utterance. This is done by someone who has received another gift from the Holy Spirit that is called “the interpretation of tongues.”

How to Receive this Baptism

So how do you get Jesus to baptize you in the Holy Spirit? You ask. With your own voice, you ask Him to baptize you in the Holy Spirit.  It is a good gift from God and He delights to give it to you.

“If you then, being evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to those who ask Him!” (Luke 11:13)

Just like being saved, receiving the Holy Spirit can be accomplished by asking for it.  This can be accomplished by praying the prayer below.  If you would feel more comfortable having someone pray with you or pray “over” you during this process, please contact my ministry using the comment feature of this blog.  All comments on this page are held in private unless you specifically ask for them to be displayed. (Applies to posts on this page only – Entering the Kingdom)

To receive the baptism in the Holy Spirit, you can pray the following:

Heavenly Father,

I come before You now with an open heart to receive all You have for me.  I have already accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior, so now I open myself to receive Holy Spirit.

You say in your Word that if I ask You would not withhold this wonderful gift. So now I ask You to fill me to overflowing with Your wonderful Spirit.  I ask that Jesus Christ baptize me in the Holy Spirit.

I receive Him now through my faith and I fully expect to speak with other tongues as He gives me utterance.

In Jesus Name, Amen.

How absolutely glorious—you are truly born again and Spirit filled!  Some people instantly feel all kinds of different and wonderful sensations.  Some do not.  Do not worry if you don’t feel anything.  Perhaps about 70% really don’t feel any special feelings immediately.  So don’t be discouraged and think that you did not receive the baptism.  You just asked God for it and He is absolutely faithful to perform what He promises in His Word.  Just continue to believe it and receive what the Holy Spirit will be doing in your life.

Now also, if you did not feel any unction at all to speak in tongues, once again, do not be dismayed.  Some people do so right away and others take a little longer.  My suggestion to those who are not yet speaking in tongues is to just begin to praise God in your own voice and in your own language.  Don’t be hesitant to begin to speak.  Just gather your courage and begin to speak.  Just speak or utter whatever you hear in your mind or what you might begin to feel on your lips and tongue.  And don’t be frightened and stop when strange words and sounds begin to come out.  Just let them flow freely.  What you hear may sound like a very strange language, and sometimes it may sound like, or actually be, a foreign language such as Chinese or Swahili.  You may even think you are speaking baby language.  Just let it flow.  What it sounds like will be dictated by the Holy Spirit.  And also know that what you speak and what it sounds like may be quite different than someone else speaking in tongues.  Believe and trust in the Holy Spirit to do what He needs to do here.

And now continue to praise God for your complete transformation into a new creature.  You are now an entirely new kind of person—a fully adopted, Spirit-filled child of the Most High God!


3 responses

  1. Craig, thank you for this article. Of course, I’ve heard it already from you, but I really enjoyed reading it again, and thank you for praying with me when I got baptized with the Holy spirit. I wanted to ask you something. you said to praise the Lord in our own language to start speaking tongues. I pray in English, even though my nature language is Russian. If I start praising God in Russian, anyway a lil later I get back to English again. That makes me confused, because I think that maybe I do somethin wrong. I even read the Bible in English, because when I read it in Russian, I just do not understand. I dont know why it is like this. What do you think I should do? Thanks, Elena

    June 7, 2012 at 12:36 pm

    • Leina, I praise God for your spiritual enthusiasm. You have been willing to receive so much from God and He has definitely responded to you – He is always faithful to do what He says and will see to it that you enjoy the full manifestation of your Holy Spirit language.

      Speaking in tongues actually has nothing to do with the language in which you normally pray – or even the two languages (Russian or English).

      It is sometimes hard to know exactly how to instruct each person in praying in tongues, because everyone seems to receive it differently. I’ve told some people to start praising God in whatever language they wanted, and when they began to feel some sense of peace, just stop speaking for a while and listen with their spirit. This is because when you are speaking in an earthly language, you actually have to stop speaking in that language in order to start speaking in tongues. Some people get flustered by making this transition. So simply be quiet after praising God for a while, and then listen carefully for strange sounding and unfamiliar words in your mind. These actually come from your spirit being led by the Holy Spirit. If you hear them in your mind, try opening your mouth and speaking them. Don’t believe that this is just your imagination. You have been baptized in the Holy Spirit and He is in control of the “unknown tongue” that you are hearing. This is the way it worked for me. I would hear the words clearly, but then I was not able to speak them for some reason. I tried speaking what I heard but it did not sound like it. After a little time though, with my continued faith and trust in God to make it all work, my voice finally caught up and I was able to speak what I was hearing.
      For others, they were praying and praising God in their most comfortable language (Russian or English – it doesn’t matter), and they at some point found it difficult to speak naturally. They felt as though they were stammering. They were instructed to keep stammering and soon this formed into the Holy Spirit language and they were off and running.

      I know some people who were finding it difficult to speak in tongues, and they simply started pleading the blood of Jesus out loud over and over and soon started speaking in tongues. This will work in any language, from Russian to Swahili. We haven’t done a Thursday night teaching on the power of the blood of Jesus Christ, but we will soon. But you can still believe in that power and just say it out loud, “The Blood; The Blood; that wonderful Blood of Jesus Christ.” Perhaps keep saying it while believing and trusting that the Holy Spirit will soon turn this into His prayer language.

      Other people had hands laid on them to release their tongues. Even if we did that before, it’s OK to do it again.

      You might simply be at the point where your faith and trust must take action. Take a look in your Bible at the story of when Peter walked on water (Matthew 14:22-34 and also in Mark 6 and Luke 28). The lesson here is that Peter had to do his part in order for this miracle to happen. Scripture says that “Peter got out of the boat and walked . . .” And this is your key. Before Peter could participate in a miraculous act, he had to do something in the physical – he had to step out of the boat and begin to walk. This was a purely physical act. Yes, it took faith and courage, but it also required that he perform an act that he had performed many thousands of times before when the boat was on shore—getting up, stepping out, and walking. It was only when Peter acted on his faith, that God could perform the supernatural act. So Peter did, God did, and a miracle took place. I once heard someone say “Peter walked naturally while God held him up supernaturally.” Peter had to do something in the natural to make this work.

      This is similar to speaking in tongues. Speaking in tongues is a miraculous act. But you have to do something in the physical – you have to open your mouth and use your own voice. Just like Peter did his own walking, you use your own voice and mouth. And as you do, you trust in faith that God will supply you with the sounds, syllables, words, and language of the Holy Spirit. Just as Peter could not sit in the boat and expect God to put him on the water, you also cannot sit back and expect the Holy Spirit to open your mouth to speak. You must open up in faith, and begin to make the sounds. The Holy Spirit will make the words.

      On the day of Pentecost when the Holy Spirit poured out “other tongues” on the 120 disciples who where were gathered in the upper room, The Bible says that they were filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak as He “gave them utterance.” (Acts 2:4) It says that they spoke, not the Holy Spirit, but He gave them the “utterance,” – the language.

      June 7, 2012 at 2:12 pm

  2. Thank you Craig for your respond. It was very very useful. As you know I started speaking in the Holy Spirit language. And I want to share how it happened. I was listening to a sermon on line about the Holy Spirit gifts. And in the end the pastors were praying. And I was praying with them and telling Thank you, Father, thank you, Father. After a while my tongue started mixing the syllables and this turned to the Holy Spirit language. That was amazing. I was feeling an absolute freedom. And also what I want to say.. that day I started speaking the Holy Spirit language, I was feeling that all day. I was feeling that I would start speaking that day. I don’t know how to explain it though. I praise God for the wonderful things He is doing every second!! 🙂

    June 13, 2012 at 1:19 am

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