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Trust, Missed Opportunities, and Angels Among Us

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God will often send situations our way, not to test us, but to tap into our professed love of Him. You see, some of us so-called Christians are pretty sure of ourselves when we profess our faith. We boldly claim to believe the Bible and some of us make a pretty big deal about believing “every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God,” as the Bible commands us to do. We tell God to “use us” for His glory; that we are “here for Him” to mold us and make us into what He wants and needs for us to be. We even profess that “we are the clay in Your hands O, Lord, and You are the Potter that molds us.”

So God seems to say, “OK, I will do as you confess.” The next thing you know, an opportunity to prove our word comes our way, and at the first chance we get to substantiate our confession, we totally blow it.

My family and I live on a farm with a main house and a small cottage. After graduating high school, my twin daughters moved into the cottage while they attend local colleges or pursue their early adult interests. I love having them close by, but being the protective fatherly type, I tend to keep at least one eye towards the cottage and its goings on. I have a small set of rules about what happens on our property which they seem to abide pretty well.

Well, one morning I needed to find something that I thought was in the main room of the cottage and decided to enter the cottage after only a brief knock. To my surprise . . . Continue reading