A Journey of Living from Glory to Glory


Hello friends, thank you for visiting this blog. I’m Craig Tanner from Virginia in the U.S. This blog is about giving hope to every person who finds themselves in seemingly impossible situations. To unleash the flowing river of revelation of Jesus Christ into this world full of hurting, trapped, and bound up people. There is absolute freedom and deliverance in the revelation of the truth of Jesus Christ, manifest in His full authority and power. This cries out to be released to everyone who seeks to be free of the trials, tribulations, troubles and turmoil of this world. My goal is to introduce the full anointing of Jesus Christ to everyone who needs to see their lives turned from defeat and failure to joyous victorious living; from sickness and disease to total health and wholeness; from poverty and lack to abundance; from bondage to freedom.

This blog is about a journey taken together—you and I in the Kingdom of Heaven. I’m not writing this blog from a high position of academic prowess, great revelatory insight, or special prophetic perception. I’m instead hoping to express my own understandings and experiences and find fellow travelers who will ponder what I post and provide their own insights and experiences along the way. You see, I’ve been a person who has learned much in my many years of walking as a Christian, but mostly through the negative, detrimental and devastating effects of ignoring what I’ve learned (I know, doesn’t sound like I’ve really learned the lessons does it). I’ve spent the majority of my life trying to ignore the truth of Scripture and have lived in a manner that was halfway in, and halfway out of His Kingdom. If you’ve ever read in Scripture that there is no halfway with God and that he hates those who are lukewarm, then you will begin to get the picture of my life.

So instead of preaching to you from a position of authority and success, I’m going to simply expose the truth of Scripture to all of us (that includes me). My hope is then that with you we can apply these truths to our lives, converse about our successes and failures, and rejoice in how we continually overcome this world through the Majesty that is Christ Jesus.

My source, of course, is the Bible, but also the wisdom and fruitful lives of those that have already done this the right way and also by observing some who have failed. Some of those under whom I have studied and learned much are Bill Johnson, Novel Hayes, Les Crause, Derek Prince, Joseph Prince, Kathryn Kathryn Kuhlman, Charles Capps, Maxwell Whyte, Don Basham, Kenneth Hagan, and Katie Souza. These people are not and were not infallible, but did blaze the trails in many areas of living victorious lives here and in the preparation of the life to come.

About the title of this blog: Just One Touch from the King:

I owe a debt of gratitude to Godfrey Birtill, whose song titled “Just One Touch from the King” was my source for the name for this blog. But here’s why I chose it: Throughout His earthly walk, Jesus demonstrated many times that His touch carried with it earthshattering results.  He gave sight, removed diseases, raised the dead, delivered from demons, gave peace, healing, and wholeness.  He touched the withered hand and it became whole.  I came across this song by Godfrey a while back and it has continually given me a lift through the hope of Christ’s supernatural touch. So this song has given voice to much of what I have discovered and experienced in my own walk. It is a fantastic song of hope to those needing to feel His one touch—to change a life that is headed for destruction; to give hope to everyone in seemingly hopeless situations.  That is what Jesus does! Here is the video from youtube, and be sure to visit Godfrey’s web site.

May His Peace be with you along with His multipllied blessings,
Craig Tanner
(Revised on 5/29/2013)

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