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It Is God’s Will that ALL are Healed


Healing is for you, right now.

Whether or not you’re a Christian, Jesus Christ loves you and desires to see you healed. It’s not a matter of what church you go to now or whether or not you go to church at all. It’s also not a matter of the things you have done in your past. The simple fact is that Jesus Christ loves you now. The issue of whether or not you are on the path of going to heaven is something we can talk about later. Right now I just want you to realize that healing, through Jesus Christ, is available to everyone He loves—and He loves everyone!

I just simply want to begin by telling you that it’s a settled matter in the Bible that healing is for you. The Bible tells us that Jesus is “no respecter of persons” (Acts 10:34), which means that what He does for someone else, He will do for you. And what He did in the Bible for those around Him, He will do for you now. He didn’t love the disciples and those people in the Bible stories more than He loves you. He’s not like that. He’s not like all of the other people of this world, including you and me, and everyone else you know. He doesn’t love you based on conditions; He loves you – PERIOD. He doesn’t desire to heal some and leave others to suffer. He desires that none should suffer and perish.

There is no situation that you face, no sickness no disease, no circumstance, no trouble, trials, or tribulation, that Jesus is not willing to heal, fix, and deliver you out of. In fact, healing and deliverance is the will (unrelenting desire) of God the Father in heaven. Jesus Christ is the Father’s direct representative to carry out the Father’s will. How do we know this? We can easily see from the Bible that Jesus healed ALL people who wanted to be healed. He never turned away anyone for healing – NEVER, not one single time. In several places in the Bible, it says that Jesus “healed ALL.” ALL means just that: ALL! You and I are part of ALL.

We also know it’s the Father’s will to heal because Jesus said that the things He did are an exact view of what the Father is like. Jesus said “if you’ve seen me, you seen the Father.” (John 14:7, 9). He meant that if you will look at how He carried out His life and ministry, you will know that God the Father is exactly the same. So if Jesus healed ALL who were sick and oppressed of the devil, then it is the will of God to do the same. Jesus is the same today as He was 2000 years ago when He walked this earth. He is still healing today just as He did way back then. The same healing power that flowed through Jesus Christ in the Bible stories is still flowing through Jesus Christ today.

Jesus wants to heal you and He wants to heal your family. He doesn’t want you sick, diseased, and living in oppression and in bondage.

Maybe you’ve tried to believe in healing, but for some reason you have doubts. Maybe your church doesn’t teach about the absolute will of God to heal people today. Maybe you’ve tried to be healed in the past, but it didn’t work for you. Well this series of posts on healing is going to crush doubts, destroy strongholds, and bring victory into your life.

If you need healing now, and want people to pray over you for healing, be sure to contact me using the information on the Go Ahead Ask page on this blog.

Praise God for your complete healing and total victory!

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Copyright © 2014, Craig Tanner.
Scripture: Unless otherwise indicated, All Scripture is from The New King James Version (NKJV). (1996). Nashville, TN: Thomas Nelson, Inc.

2 responses

  1. The truth (you’ve just read here from God’s Word) within the entire creation our Creator made, will set you free!

    Jesus said, “I came that you might have life and have it abundantly.”

    Even the crumbs that fell from the table brought life and healing. Help us to reach out to touch You and believe You, Jesus as much as You want to touch us and do wonders that will heal us, deliver us from every prison, and completely free us! Abba …. Father … Comforter … Saviour … Paint the empty canvases of our lives with Your richest colors in Your wisest ways. We willingly bow down to drink from pure and refreshing waters you provide.

    August 5, 2015 at 12:58 am

    • Thank you for pointing out some more truths – I love the comment about the crumbs – His healing Power is so delicious

      August 5, 2015 at 8:09 am

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