A Journey of Living from Glory to Glory

Your Vision: You Have a Powerful Advocate

You are hereby accused of . . . gossiping, lying, hating your brother, lusting, envy . . .and then there are all of the really terrible things you’ve done. The devil has carefully observed your acts and has dutifully recorded them in a book of charges against you. Every single indiscretion results in one more indictment. And now satan stands accusing you before the Father.

Sin is a terrible, destructive, and deadly act. It gives the devil the opportunity to move against you, bringing a full array of penalties, curses, and perhaps, even death.

If that were not enough, you have another adversary. The world in general is against you—it may even hate you. It doesn’t care if you make it or not—you’re just one more sorry sap among the billions of people taking up space, needing services at someone else’s expense, polluting “mother earth,” voting for the wrong guy/party/cause/initiative, and further burdening the overstretched health care system. The world is randomly unfair. It will “randomly” choose some to succeed and prosper, and others to suffer unimaginable destruction. Almost all will agonize a little under the world system, even if it’s “just” high blood pressure, allergies, addictions, financial troubles, legal entanglements, and numerous estranged relationships.

Who can possibly help your plight? Who can stand before God and cancel the penalties you should be paying for your corrupt ways? Who can be your trusted deliverer guiding you out of the worldly mess you’ve made for yourself? Who can free you from your sicknesses, diseases, poverty, lack, and oppression?

You need an advocate!

An advocate is a person who is called to be on your side, to argue your case, and effectively represent you to others. In society today and in times past, an advocate was used in the justice system to present the best possible case for someone, arguing and pleading their cause. This is embodied in the idea of an attorney providing representation for the defense or a lawyer arguing an accident injury case to an insurance company.

In the new vision of your life as a child of God, you have been given an unlimited retainer for the services of the world’s most effective and powerful Advocate.

1 John 2:1
And if anyone sins, we have an Advocate with the Father, Jesus Christ the righteous.

The Lord Jesus is your personal “Advocate” (paraklētos), which literally means “one who comes alongside to help.” In the Bible, we see this term used only in the writings of John.

Jesus has more power and authority than any person, agency, or government that has ever existed. The supremacy of His name represents absolute dominion over all things. His “signature” (His Word) has the prestige and strength to cancel the judgments that have piled up against you, freeing you from the bondage of accusations, trials, and tribulations.

One of the roles of your Advocate is to intercede for you to the One who is the judge of all mankind. If you ask forgiveness for your sins, Jesus Christ, working on your behalf, will go to the Father, and plead your case.

Romans 8:33-34
Who shall bring a charge against God’s elect? It is God who justifies.
Who is he who condemns? It is Christ who died, and furthermore is also risen, who is even at the right hand of God, who also makes intercession for us.

Hebrews 7:25
Therefore He is also able to save to the uttermost those who come to God through Him, since He always lives to make intercession for them.

But Jesus takes advocacy to an entirely higher level than what we traditionally see in the world’s legal systems. You see, he does not maintain your innocence but rather acknowledges your guilt. And then He becomes your ultimate Advocate: He points to the price He already paid for your transgressions. When the devil accuses you before the Father, Jesus says, “Yes, they have indeed sinned against you Father and they are guilty. But take a good look at my pierced hands, feet, and side. Remember how my flesh was ripped open and my life-blood poured out from my body? Feel the striped scars on my back—a remnant of the unmerited lashes given by evil men. I have given all of myself for their sins—even unto my own death.”

And so Jesus successfully intercedes for you. This innocent man proclaims to all heaven and earth that He is your loyal Advocate—substituting his own anguish in place of yours. And with His inerrant, water-tight argument, you know that a pardon is granted and your sinful record erased. The gates of bondage are opened and you are set free.

But this advocacy goes way beyond a pardon from sins. Jesus is also the supreme Advocate in freeing you from anything that could stand in the way of your joy, peace, abundance, prosperity, and total victory. He has given you His total authority and His mighty Name as legal and spiritual weapons against evil forces that attempt to destroy your life. His advocacy heals your sicknesses, frees your addictions, straightens your crooked paths, quenches your thirst, nourishes your body, and delivers you from pain, anxiety, stress, broken lives, and depression. He advocates for your complete wholeness, leaving nothing out and no stone unturned.

Jesus has never lost a case. He’s undefeated. He even defeated the most cunning, crafty, and evil accuser that has ever existed. Jesus went up against satan and in a stunning victory, mocked him, shamed him, and totally neutralized every single tactic and strategy this accuser tried to use.

When you choose to have Jesus Christ on your side, being there to protect you, to defend you, to encourage you, and to intercede for you, you know that the case is already won. He never loses. No enemy can overcome, outwit, or outsmart Him. He is the absolute winner. There is no chance for appeal or an overturning of the ruling. It is won for you in everlasting triumph.

Once you choose Jesus, He starts advocating for you right away and never ceases. Jesus is the only real choice. Otherwise you are choosing an advocate who only wants to see your destruction. It’s not such a good thing to have someone representing you who delights in your torment. There is no middle ground; you either have a wholly holy and perfect advocate, or you have an advocate who accuses and torments.

It’s amazing to me that anyone would choose the latter.

It is also amazing to me that so many Christians don’t look at Jesus as such a powerful advocate. They spend their entire lives wishing and hoping that Jesus will do something good for them. But with a new vision of your life in the Kingdom of God, you will no longer wish and hope. Instead, you will develop the “knowing,” a clear and definite vision, understanding, and belief that Jesus is your constant advocate, leading you into a life of wholeness, peace, joy, and abundance.

One response

  1. Glory to God, for sending HIS ONLY SON, to live among us, to go to the cross, die on that cross, as THE PERFECT SACRIFICE, and RISE AGAIN!
    HE paid a HUGE PRICE for us….now,we can have eternal life, now, we can be healed & whole, now, I can tell Satan & his little band of demons,to GO TAKE A HIKE!!!!
    My Jesus has covered all my debt for me!!
    I am FREE! When demons whisper lies in my ear, I just call on the name of Jesus!!!!
    Thank you…..talk to my ATTORNEY FOR LIFE, JESUS!

    May 17, 2015 at 12:28 am

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