A Journey of Living from Glory to Glory

Your Identity in the Kingdom of God – Your Vision is Essential

Let’s start this series on God’s vision for your life by asking a key question:

Is your life ascending to great heights?

Actually, I should backup and ask a more basic question: What direction is your life headed? And are you excited about getting there? Do you have a clear understanding of your purpose or is your purpose as clear as mud?

Have you ever wondered why some people are able to turn dreams, goals, and ambitions into victorious reality, while others, perhaps even you, get stuck in fantasy land? What is it that thrusts some people into a lifestyle of abundance, peace, joy, and wholeness, and raises mankind to his greatest heights? What is it that keeps others living unfulfilled lives, wallowing in despair, discouragement, turmoil, or the dreaded state of being mediocre? Is it education, knowledge and worldly wisdom? How about wealth or land? Perhaps charm, charisma and good looks? Could it be family heritage, social standing, and political connections?

It is none of these. Through the eyes of the world all of these things are highly desired and people strive until they are exhausted to achieve them. But they are all rubbish compared to the key that God has for you. This key is the same one that He used to create the entire universe, every heavenly body, all material things, all creatures large and small, and all physical laws governing them. So what is this key? It is a vision.

That’s right, a vision. Not just some vague idea or wish about the future, but a clear perception seared into your soul with God’s hot iron, and ever-present in each fiber of your being. By worldly standards, only a miniscule few have attained success without having first possessed a vision—it is the common possession of all great men and women. And this requirement is all the more profound in God’s Kingdom. No person can receive God’s full abundance without this vital possession.

I don’t want you to get the idea here though that the vision possessed by ungodly but successful people is in any way similar to the vision that God has for your life. In God’s Kingdom, the vision you possess is vastly greater, promising a life of Kingdom abundance on a grand scale—something no earthly vision can ever come close to achieving.

God’s vision for your life is one of His a universal keys. The Bible says that God knew the end from the beginning – He knew how things would turn out because He had a clear vision of all that He wanted to achieve. From the very beginning, God demonstrated for us one of His key principles – having a clear vision of the end result.

So important is it that you possess this key, that God went to great lengths to protect it from the forces of evil that endeavored to destroy it. To this day, the primary mission of the devil is to keep you from gaining its possession. So crucial is this for your life that God took the extraordinary step of allowing His only Son to be tortured and slaughtered in order to secure it for you.

And now, it can be yours—it should be yours. Once you take this into your possession, it will be yours for all eternity! But you have to know just what “it” is. You have to understand the meaning of God’s kind of vision and how to grasp it for yourself. You have to learn about the way that God sees you and have a vision for the glorious abundance that He has waiting for you.

You will see in the many posts that follow that God’s vision for your life is almost unimaginable. I will reveal the first one in my next post. Stick around; you’ll be amazed at what God will reveal to you!

Copyright © 2012, Craig Tanner. Image by purchased license, copyright © shutterstock.com

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