A Journey of Living from Glory to Glory

Your Identity in the Kingdom of God – Introduction to the “Your Vision” Series

This is the introductory post in a new series that will explore our identity in the Kingdom of God. The focus is on clarifying, understanding, and possessing the identity God has appointed for us. I say “possessing” because that is the ultimate goal: to possess in the totality of our existence (as body, soul, and spirit) the reality of God’s vision for our lives. This represents the very essence of the three part struggle of life: To somehow transform into a spirit with a soul and body instead of a body and soul with a spirit (sort of the default condition of mankind); to somehow transcend the temporal reality of this world and achieve the vision of God for our lives; And to finish well, having run a “good race,” as Paul describes in I Corinthians 9 and 2 Timothy 4.

This series is extensive, as I have easily discovered over 30 specific and detailed visions that God has for our lives. I won’t say for sure that there will be 30 related posts—we’ll just see how it goes.

In keeping with the mission and intent of this blog and all of my other posts, I ask you to join me in this journey. And what is this journey? This is a lifelong journey to plumb the depths of God’s Word to gain a full understanding and realization of the vision that God has painted for those who are His children.

Please note that I use the terms “our,” “we,” and “you” frequently when I’m writing because I really do hate talking about myself to others. But in reality, I am speaking to “me” before I am speaking to “you.” I don’t want you to get the idea that I’ve already achieved the things about which I’m writing. Nor that I in any way am talking down to you. I am revealing these truths to you as I discover them and apply them to my own life. I hope though, that these will connect with “you” and you will gain from God’s transforming vision as I intend to do.

I will elaborate on the notion of God’s vision for our lives in the next post, but for now let me give you a little teaser. You will discover in this series, that the notion of a “vision” as it applies to our lives is much different through the eyes of God than most of us realize. It is likely to be much grander, more glorious, and more exhilarating than what you might currently imagine. In fact, it is likely to yank you right out of your current limited life and place you firmly in the realm of glory.

Wow! Now I said it. That’s a lofty promise to live up to.

But I’ve been studying and collecting these notes for several months now and am excited enough by what God has plainly sprinkled throughout His Word that I believe He truly intends to transform all of us into His glorious image. Not just when we arrive in heaven, but in the here and now!

We’ll get this started in a couple of days.

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